When a long forgotten threat finally reveals themselves from the shadows, Viper and Phoenix Four rise from the ashes as the world's last line of defense.


Black Eagle Four

Viper and Phoenix Four rise from the ashes as the world’s last line of defense against a long forgotten threat.


War Game


It’s been over a decade since GRECKO has won its last War Game. Can Shorty and Rebound finally bring victory to their company?


Black Eagle Phantasm

For years, Black Eagle has been a beacon of hope and justice to the world. Now, they face their greatest threat – themselves.


Black Eagle Four

The Right (Hand) Man

It started with one very simple question in the early morning of December 2nd, 2012 on the set of BLACK EAGLE PHANTASM: “One of you…
Black Eagle Four

Trumbo and Ireland, Villains Extraordinaire

We’re very excited to announce the newest addition to the Black Eagle Universe’s growing pantheon of villains – call signs Trumbo and Ireland, played by…
Black Eagle Four

Rise: “Black Eagle Four” Announced

The Goodnight Red team is thrilled to announce the name and details of the latest chapter in the Black Eagle series, BLACK EAGLE: FOUR. The…

New Blood: “Downfall” Announced

Goodnight Red is extremely excited to announce the development of our newest short film, DOWNFALL, releasing in 2018.Ed Campeau makes his directorial debut with the…